Mold Removal Using Nontoxic Mold Remediation Products

Moisture can get into a dwelling in many different ways and leave behind a very troublesome problem in the form of mold. When mold is discovered in a building, treating the area with mold remediation products prevents damage to many items. Among the most important concerns is the extremely dangerous illnesses that contact with some types of the spores can cause. There is a case in New York where mold was allowed to remain in an apartment that caused a child to have an asthma attack that left her permanently and severely disabled. This story was featured on the television show Night Line the week of January 24, 2011. The child’s illness is so severe that the mother was awarded $1.2 million dollars in a lawsuit against the landlord.

HydroHero is perfect for anyone who wants to get rid of mold quickly and safely. Our powerful Hydro-Extermination process will eliminate all traces of mold, leaving your home or office clean and safe.

Mold remediation products exist that can treat and remove the problem. Some of these products can be toxic. However, there are cleansers in the marketplace that can do a superb job of clearing the infestation that will not leave toxic residue. One of these products is sold under the brand name Thieves. It is marketed as a non-toxic product which continues to destroy the spores for two or more weeks after the initial treatment is finished. It is composed of natural ingredients such as cinnamon, rosemary, and lemon oil among others. Another of these products is the Sanidate line of disinfectants. This is a “green chemistry” product that uses an activated peroxide base. As mold remediation products are marketed, this one should not be used on surfaces that come in contact with food. However, it is promoted and sold as a non-harmful disinfectant. The third product here included is Mildew Stat which is an EPA Registered Fungicide. It is advertised as the only product that actually kills mold and mold spores. This a 2-Step process wherein after the area is cleaned, it should be treated with a Mold Encapsulant and Coating; which is a protective fungicide barrier that prevents future mold growth.

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The unpleasant and sometimes harmful results that mold causes justifies the need for immediate treatment with at least one of the mold remediation products that exist. This condition can be one that requires the services of a professional to be certain that the condition is effectively corrected. It may be beneficial to learn that bleach has been determined to be ineffective as one of the products to use for mold and that the Mold Stat solution is less expensive per gallon of mixture.

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