Some Safe Auto Towing Practices

Do you know that an average of 7 people is killed each year in crashes involving a light vehicle towing trailers (including caravans, boats, garden trailers, or other heavy vehicles)?

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Today, almost all vehicle owners need towing services at some point in time. There can be an engine-disruption, flat tires, or an unfortunate breakdown, which makes you stand helpless on the expressway. Under such circumstances, it’s only a tow company that can come to the rescue – and, help you drag the vehicle to the nearest service station. But, sometimes we tend to overlook the importance of safe towing practices.

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Some useful tips that’ll help prevent towing accidents

  1. While attaching the coupler, make sure that some grease is applied on the tow ball, so that it facilitates smooth rotation. Also, ensure that the safety chains (ones which keep the towed vehicle in place) and electric plugs are strictly secured. The tow companies should always be aware of the capacity of their tow-trucks, and make sure that these vehicles are capable of safely ferrying the vehicle that is likely to be towed.
  2. Best thing a tow company could do is staying within the limitations of Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR), which has been specified for a particular tow-truck. This will always ensure safety through the ferrying trip. Tow dealers can also abide by the recommendations mentioned in trailer-owner’s manual – this will (probably) eliminate the chances of an accident.
  3. Inexperienced towers or trailer-drivers should never be given major tow assignments, where big vehicles are supposed to be ferried. They should always start with basic tips on how to tow a vehicle. Sometimes, having an experienced tower supervising the full assignment would be a better option.
  4. For ferrying light and medium vehicles on the road, drivers have to be careful and always alert. In order to stay away from unexpected jolts, the tow-truck steering should be grabbed with both hands for optimum vehicle control. Also, it is to be remembered that a lot more space is required for reversing a trailer or caravan that’s being towed. Therefore, drivers should always allow an extra space to stay away from accidents.

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