Ten Critical Questions You Must Ask When Searching For A Legitimate Network Marketing Business

You want to succeed in network marketing, but you don’t just want to jump into any business that comes along. You need one that will help you grow your future with confidence and security, not one that will leave you feeling duped or hopeless.

There are many things out there that claim to be the network marketing opportunity of a lifetime, but if you sign up with them, your efforts may all be for nothing. How do you keep from choosing the wrong program? Ten questions can help.

Think about this scenario for a minute … You’ve been at home networking online part-time for several months now, and have decided it’s time to commit more heavily to your business relationships by investing in a full-time home business opportunity.

You’ve been active in MLM for several months and have decided to go for it “full time” if you could only find the right group or company to take your marketing efforts to the next level. You have heard about an up-and-coming “superstar”, one who is going places fast and seems very confident of success.

He tells you that his unique product will soon be a household name. He has a great presentation, he’s charismatic, friendly – you like him immediately!

The meeting goes well, but you do need more information before making any decisions … after all, this is a big commitment! So what should you ask? What questions must be answered to your satisfaction before you would even consider joining the team and investing your time and money?

Well, we asked top industry leaders what questions they’d ask if they were looking for a successful MLM company to market their opportunity with. Here’s what they said:

Top industry leaders’ advice on what to ask everyone you come in contact with about their network marketing business opportunity:

1) Ask them if they would be willing to put their success story on video camera for you. (Unfortunately, most newbies won’t.)

2) Find out how long they’ve been involved in the business? Realize that most new successful distributors will not want to share their “secret” before they are ready because of the competition they now have within their own organization.

3) How much time can they devote each day to building this business? You don’t want someone who’s only going to talk the talk – you need someone committed enough to walk the walk with you! 4) What are their monthly marketing expenses? (This will give you an idea of how much money he/she is committed to this business – and that’s what you want.)

5) How much time does it take them to recoup the cost of their monthly marketing expenses?

6) What is your target market? Where are they now, where do they spend their time online, etc.? 7) Can they show you examples of any structured training programs or tools available for building your business? 8) How many levels deep can you sponsor in this company? Successful distributors tell me about 4-levels deep. If I like the program but don’t like the prospects at 3-levels deep, I move on – there must be someone who could sponsor me! 9) What is the prospect’s retention rate? This should be around 50% or higher – that’s a strong group! 10) What kind of support will you receive as far as training and follow-up goes?

If their answer to these questions doesn’t sound like something you want, then move on. You also need to ask them what help they can provide you in your marketing efforts: who do they know that’s already successful and might be willing to sponsor you and/or refer business to you? Who do they think has potential to become successful and would be willing to sponsor someone with less experience than themselves (because if they don’t have good candidates there are not many prospects!)

Think about this for a minute…ask yourself which company you want to market for. A company that has all of the characteristics listed, or one that is struggling to find good people who are willing to put in the time and effort?

You probably want to be where the action is at, don’t you? The higher quality companies with solid leadership always have more prospects than they can handle – making it easy on you! You also need to ask them if they would mind sending an email blast of your video (showing them on camera) to their list daily for three days, asking them how many responses he/she got. Think about this…if they get zero responses (most likely), why should YOU believe THIS business can make YOU money? I’ve been in several

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